The most accurate syringe

The use of an accurate dosage syringe is beneficial to both experienced doctors as well as to professionals who inject less frequently.
The 3Dose™ Syringe greatly improves the ease and efficiency of injections which results in improved user convenience and enhanced patient satisfaction. With the 3Dose™ Syringe, calculating units per ml is simplified and calculating errors in units can immediately be eliminated. The focus can now be on the patient where to inject rather than how much to inject.  

Click the instruction button below in order to use the 3Dose Syringe accurate and without dripping.

Dott. Bruno Farina: "They are exceptional: absolute dosing precision, extreme manageability and pain reduction."
Dr. Dalvi Humzah: "an appropriate syringe and needle system that is easy to use, delivers accurate doses, is comfortable for the patient and reduces toxin wastage"
Anna Baker: "The 3Dose™ botulinum toxin syringe is one way to avoid errors"
Dr. Sabine Zenker: "“Accurate dosing in botulinum toxin injections is extremely important! An injector is only as good as all the overall conditions."
Dr. Pascale Schoofs: "the result of the treatments is reproducible and correction of the dose, for example in the event of insufficient effect, can be set properly and precisely."


Focus on the patient

 The 3Dose™ syringe is available in a green and orange version. Each with different user preferred settings, related to the solvent used to dilute the toxin. 

The Green syringe features the settings 0.0125ml, 0.025ml and 0.05ml for the dilution amounts 0.63 ml and 1.25 ml.


The Orange syringe features the settings 0.01ml, 0.02ml and 0.04ml for the dilution amounts 1.0 ml and 2.0 ml. 


We would like to get to know you better and listen to what you have to tell us. To better understand what you believe really matters in aesthetics. We also believe knowledge and experience is the basis of a good aesthetic practise.

We are interested in building a relationship with aesthetic trainers and training companies.  We want to move the aesthetic industry forward and help generate the best possible outcome for aesthetic treatments.

Vlow Medical supports aesthetic training courses and is building a network of trainers. If you have a training program and are working with 3Dose™, contact us.

White Paper

The use of botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT) is growing fast, and is used for various treatments, because it is a pain-free treatment that makes the clients appearing youthful and healthy without the problems of invasive cosmetic surgery. This is a cause for concern, since BoNT injections are not without risks. For instance, the clinical pharmacology differs in formulation of the products and besides that, the formulations are poorly understood.

Many factors may influence the result of the treatment, including the doses of BoNT’s. Even physicians with years of experience are facing difficulties with accurate, predictable and reproduceable dosing. That is why accurate dosing syringes enable better treatment results, satisfied patients, and significant costs savings.

About us

Vlow Medical is an innovative Dutch company. With more than 30 years experience in the health care domain,  we are focusing on research and development of precision dosing devices in the medical and aesthetic field. 3Dose™ and MicroDose™ are protected by various patents. The products are CE approved and FDA approval is pending. We aim to create innovative products that result in more predictable outcome in the aesthetic treatments against a much more efficient effort and with improved costs efficiency.