3Dose Green


The most accurate syringe

  • 3Dose

    3DG125 – 3Dose 1 ml Syringe 125 Green

    0.0125 ml, 0.025 ml, 0.05 ml

    3Dose Green

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3Dose Green

3Dose 1 ml Syringe 125 Green



0.0125 ml

0.025 ml

0.05 ml


Used for reconstitution 4 units / 0.1 ml

Application: Wrinkle therapy  

3Dose Orange

3Dose 1 ml Syringe 100 Orange



0.01 ml

0.02 ml

0.04 ml


Used for reconstitution 5 units / 0.1 ml

Application: Wrinkle therapy, Mesotherapy  

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