Instructions for Use (prevent dripping)

IMPORTANT: To prevent dripping, make sure there are no air-bubbles in the syringe. Here’s how to do it …

1. Push the plunger in front position;

2. Pull up a small dose of dilution and push the dilution back in the vial;

3. Pull up the exact volume of dilution you need.

Product Description

An overview of all the 3Dose features.

Accurate Syringe


Dilution Table

Start with the toxin product of you preference, choose a dilution to get the required reconstitution.
Pick the 3Dose Syringe type (green or orange) and corresponding setting to get the amount of units for every click.

Dilution Table - Mesotherapy

The 3Dose Syringe type (orange) is perfect for administering multiple injections in a medical procedure.

Accurate Syringe


Anna Baker

“Many conventional syringes do not afford the clinician the necessary level of accuracy required to administer low, precise doses, which is imperative to treat the musculature of the lower face safely and effectively. Errors of dosing may occur to parallax reading, and difficulty in controlling small dose delivery. The 3Dose™ botulinum toxin syringe is one way to avoid these errors.”
“The clinician is advised to maintain a current and accurate awareness of the anatomy of the lower face, an appreciation of the age-related changes, as well as advances in the off-label indications of BoNTA, to deliver safe and effective treatments. In addition, the use of facial aesthetic scales are a useful consultation tool to discuss expected degree(s) of improvement with the individual.
The clinician is able to enhance the accuracy of treatment outcome through utilising injection delivery systems, such as the 3Dose™ botulinum toxin syringe, which have been shown to enhance the precision of targeted product placement, and thus minimise the risk of complications when treating the lower face with BoNTA.”Anna Baker

Cosmetic and Dermatology Awardwinning Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Sabine Zenker

“Accurate dosing in botulinum toxin injections is extremely important! An injector is only as good as all the overall conditions. We always think that we apply the planned dose per injection point, don’t we? To my knowledge, no-one did really look at one aspect in toxin injections: the pre-clinical accuracy: we did measure if the estimated dose was always
in the syringe and did find out that there was a huge variation of almost up to 20% using standard injection syringes and standard needles!

Using the 3Dose™ syringe, this is over: we know that we do exactly and reproducibly always get 1 unit of toxin per click!”

Sabine Zenker
Dermatologist at Dr. Zenker Dermatology Munich, Germany

Dr. Pascale Schoofs

“Since we started using the 3D syringes, we can perform more treatments from a vial botulinum toxin. The syringe allows very accurate dosing. Using the syringe is cost effective and makes good treatments almost a routine due to the accurate dosing.

In addition, the result of the treatments is reproducible and correction of the dose, for example in the event of insufficient effect, can be set properly and precisely.

The syringes are easy to use and, most importantly, affordable.
According to Pascale Schoofs, the use of 3D syringes, or click syringe as she calls them, is a must for practitioners in aesthetic medicine.”

Dr. Pascale Schoofs

Aureus Kliniek, Sleeuwijk The Netherlands